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Conference Terms & Conditions

It is understood and agreed by any and all Attendees to this year’s IACOA Annual Conference, that no representations and/or endorsements are being made or will be made by IACOA with respect to any information, equipment, systems, hardware/software, programs, and/or industry related material that may be presented, exhibited, shown, discussed, etc., at any of the IACOA functions or meetings.

Furthermore, by executing a Registration Form, anyone participating in such functions and/or meetings acknowledges and fully releases, acquits, satisfies and forever discharges IACOA and its Officers, Directors, Agents, employees or representatives from any and all matters of actions, course of actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever at law or in equity against IACOA and its Officers, Directors, Agents, employees or representatives.

We will be filming and photographing at the IACOA conference. Your image may be captured and used at a later time to promote future conferences. IACOA, Inc. retains the rights to those images.

Refund requests will be handled as follows: If your request is received by John Margaritis no later than May 11, 2019, then 75% of your registration fee will be refunded; if received by June 1, 2019, then 50% of your registration fee will be refunded; thereafter, no refund will be made. The reason for the no refund policy is that three weeks prior to the Conference, IACOA must guarantee and pay for all registered individuals whether or not they attend.