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Getting Started in Cash Logistics

Part of the IACOA mission is to improve the Cash In Transit industry’s safety, reliability, responsiveness, and affordability.

Consolidation within the Cash Logistics industry has created a handful of large companies and left areas around the country without an independently owned and operated alternative. IACOA wants to change that.

There are countless ATM ISOs, security companies, check cashers, and others that move their own money because they cannot get the service they require at a price they can afford. If this sounds like your company, IACOA wants to help you get started offering Cash In Transit and Cash Logistics services.

Contact IACOA

It all starts with a phone call to John Margaritis, the IACOA Administrator, at (281) 292-8208, or send an email to jm@iacoa.com. He will answer your questions, assess how best to assist you, offer suggestions, and make available to you a select group of experienced IACOA Board members and IACOA service providers. Make the call.