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A Member is defined, in part, as any privately owned business entity that is:
Engaged in the business of furnishing armored car service to the public,
Offering services or products to the armored industry, or
Securing, transporting and/or processing valuables.
More information:
For additional Member types and detailed definitions, please download the IACOA Bylaws below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged if my application isn't accepted?
When you submit your application and pay your membership dues, your card will be charged and the IACOA Board of Directors will review your application.

Your card will be refunded if your application is not accepted.

Which membership is right for my company?

Regular Members

Regular Members shall be any privately owned business entity that has been engaged in the business of furnishing armored car service to the general public for at least one year.

Related Operating Members

A Related Operating Member shall be any privately or publicly owned business entity engaged in the business of securing, transporting and/or processing of valuables for no less than two (2) years.

Associate Members

An Industry Associate Member is any company or individual offering services or products to the armored industry. Associate Members can reserve exhibit booth space at our annual conference.

Advisory Liaisons

An Advisory Liaison is any agency operated by federal, state, or local government whose purview applies to parties responsible for the transportation, processing, circulation, and/or other commercial handling of cash within its jurisdiction. Advisory Liaisons are not dues paying members, but an application is required from anyone who wants to apply as an Advisory Liaison.

Why is there a signup fee?

Membership dues are $600 per year for all IACOA members.

The signup fee covers the first year of membership (the current calendar year) for new members.

After the annual conference, the IACOA administrator may reduce the cost of the signup fee—i.e. the current calendar year’s membership dues.

Review the IACOA Bylaws


IACOA Bylaws

View the most recent version of the Independent Armored Car Operators Association Bylaws updated on June 25, 2016. For more information, contact an IACOA representative today.